The “Starting a Case” section of this website will give you general legal information about the procedures used in Ontario family law courts at the beginning of cases about divorce, child custody and access, property division, and spousal and child support.

The nine links to the right, in order, some of the procedural knowledge about selecting the appropriate court house, finding the right court forms and the process of filing. The last three buttons deal with early next steps like attending a Mandatory Information Program, scheduling a Case Conference and attending the conference itself.

These procedures apply to most new cases about matters like access, custody, child support, spousal support and property. These are cases that start with the filing of a Form 8 Application. However, there are some other kinds of cases such as Child Protection matters that involve a Children’s Aid Society; adoption and change of name cases; and Family Responsiblity Office collections of child and spousal support orders that follow different procedures. Be sure to check whether the type of case you are interested starts with a Form 8 Appplication or some other form if you want to know whether the legal information here is relevant to your questions.

If you have questions about any type of Ontario family law matter, including ones not covered in “Starting a Case”, feel free to contact us.

The “Starting a Case” section of this website is intended to provide general legal information about the procedures used in Ontario family law courts. This website is not intended to provide legal advice and you cannot rely on its content as advice applicable to your individual legal situation. Instead you should inform a family lawyer about all your individual facts and circumstances so that you can receive legal advice customized to your case.

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